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A Full-Service Public Relations
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Who We Are

FranDigi©... Today's Solution to more affordable and impactful
RESULTS for franchising and/or business that want to grow!

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Ask us about our Franchise Asset Investment Recovery (FAIR) Team

Our FAIR Team can help you avoid lawsuits, problems and negative PR for good!

FranDigi©  has a highly skilled sales team that specializes ONLY in reselling problematic franchisees on your behalf.

A free service offered only to our FranDigi© clients.

Contact us for details.

Who We Are

FranDigi© Media Group has developed a new model. We can get you in Entrepreneur, Money, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and/or any number of important franchise and business publications. And, most of all, we can and do use that growing exposure to easily build your business clearly by the increasing number of resulting sales we make on your behalf each month.

You retain a firm for the services and people, but stay for the results.

FranDigi© is currently expanding our amazing executive team to handle the launch of the exciting new additions to our franchising services program. It is our top priority to continue to build a cohesive team of innovative and skilled experts in their respective fields. Those expert specialists who will continue our philosophy to always put the client first and become a driving force in the growth of our program are considered.

Measurable Results Creating Fast Growing Franchising Companies

We founded FranDigi©  to offer a better way for Franchisors to conceive, implement, and measure public relations, digital, and social activities while building brand awareness, exposure, credibility, and most of all…your franchise sales.

FranDigi© draws on a vast network of talent and franchise services experience to fashion creative, effective franchise public relations programs in the digital age. Our mission is to disrupt the traditional PR agency model and deliver documentable services for our selected franchisors that have bottom line impact and long-lasting value.

Our executive team has decades of experience and expertise in all facets of franchising. In key areas from, franchise ownership, franchise PR, lead generation, crisis management, reputation repair, and in successful franchise screening and sales. Most importantly, we accomplish these valuable services through integrating our varied areas of expertise, while ultimately in reporting documentable results on behalf of our FranDigi© clients.

FranDigi© specializes in the franchising industry exclusively, accepting only one client per each industry specific franchise category. We first look for franchisor clients with a great and proven concept that want, and are prepared to grow rapidly to ensure we are confident in YOUR success.

The FranDigi© team is comprised of seasoned and professional PR, digital and marketing professionals that specialize in promoting, our clients in the media and online. Our highly qualified and skilled publicists, editors, journalists are supported by a client services team with decades of industry experience and expertise.

The key to our tremendous success is our propriety technology that is proven to create amazing digital, lead generation and sales results for any client wanting to grow. FranDigi© clearly has the teams, talent, connections, and expertise to promote and move your organization up the rankings rapidly.

We also save you money! That’s right, FranDigi© handles all publicity, media-relations, digital, marketing, and lead generation activity which is included in our monthly services fee to get you where you want to go as professionally and quickly as possible. No hidden charges. FranDigi’s services are all-inclusive so you do not need to rely on expensive advertising, franchise portals, pay-per-click, Google AdWords, etc.

And . . . We Help You GROW . . .

Once accepted as a FranDigi© client into our system, we then work closely with each new client to determine where you want to go and how fast you want to get there. Then we provide you with a comprehensive onboarding system along with a multimedia coaching and training program to prepare each client for fast growth and success. In fact, we have created an amazing, proprietary series of custom cloud-based technology, software and systems to catapult a growth-minded client into an advanced digital company. And, you will find this software is designed, set-up and managed by our Technology and Digital experts that have even the most non-tech savvy client looking like they could have founded Microsoft! (Shh! We’ll never tell them the difference.)

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