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OK…Here’s “The CATCH” …

Why We Do This…

First, FranDigi© accepts only one franchising client per specific industry. After all, there can be only one, number one, in any industry category! And, once we agree on a new client, most of our professional services are provided at break-even or sometimes even below our out-of-pocket costs!

FranDigi© gives our clients such low fees on publicity and digital in exchange for becoming your personal concierge sales team. In time, you will find us to be your lowest-paid, highest producing, staff! FranDigi© also invests a tremendous amount of extra up-front time and money into each new client. That’s right; in addition to the high level staffing, there are hard costs such as support staff, media data subscription costs, IT, etc.

The FranDigi© new client set up work alone is extensive. We must add to our staff, and educate you and our team on you as  our client. Then, our top FranDigi© media professionals coach and train you on how to maximize your results when doing interviews and media tours. We orchestrate conference calls and webinars with our team, you, and members of your staff to get you up and running and generating PR quickly. Then, time is devoted to get you totally prepared and confident to go full-speed ahead for major TV and Radio interviews and photo shoots for feature stories in magazines, print media and blogs, etc.

How can we do that?

It’s simple… FranDigi© becomes your franchise sales generating machine. That’s right…we make our money by generating your franchise buyer leads, screening them to ensure they meet your profile, then disclosing, answering their questions and getting them to you to approve their contract with check in hand! So, only if you approve their Agreement do we get paid for all of our sales teams’ time and efforts on your behalf! FranDigi© clearly has a vested interest in YOU and YOUR success and we become your loyal, productive sales force!

IF you are accepted into our FranDigi© program, it is solely because WE all believe in you and in your concept. We also believe you have a home-run franchise that we can get exited about and pull out all stops to promote well…and, our FranDigi© franchise sales executives want to sell YOUR franchises.

That is where YOU WIN in a big way selected….That’s where WE earn our money and why our services and packages are available only to our FranDigi© select and approved clients at such low rates.

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