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Ask us about our Franchise Asset Investment Recovery (FAIR) Team

Our FAIR Team can help you avoid lawsuits, problems and negative PR for good!

FranDigi©  has a highly skilled sales team that specializes ONLY in reselling problematic franchisees on your behalf.

A free service offered only to our FranDigi© clients.

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What We Do . . .

industry expertise
A Vast Network of Talent and Industry Expertise!

It’s no secret. Today, Franchisors especially must stay at the forefront of their industry to compete. Now, if you’re ready to grow, and if you qualify, FranDigi© has many solutions to help you establish solid, sustainable growth, or…to create explosive growth! There is no one else in our industry that offers the scope of services we provide (all under one roof)specifically and only to help existing franchisors grow.

FranDigi© draws on a vast network of talent and franchise services experience to fashion creative, effective franchise public relations programs in the digital age. Our mission is to disrupt the traditional PR agency model and deliver documentable services for our selected franchisors that have bottom line impact and long-lasting value.

FranDigi© specializes creating progressive results and vigorous growth for companies in the franchising industry worldwide. We founded FranDigi© to offer a better way for all Franchisors from start-ups to global firms to implement and measure public relations, digital, celebrity spokespersons and social activities, discovery days, build brand awareness, exposure, credibility, crisis management, reputation repair, and now including franchise sales to serve an even wider clientele and customer base.

FranDigi© draws on a vast network of talent and franchise services experience to fashion creative, effective franchise public relations programs for franchise companies who are interested in building brand, growing sales and rapidly capturing market share. Since FranDigi© accepts only one client per each industry specific franchise category we first look for franchisor clients with a great and proven concept that want, and are prepared to grow rapidly to ensure we are confident in their success.
FranDigi© Media Group can get a client in Entrepreneur, Money, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and/or any number of important franchise and business publications. Most importantly, we accomplish these valuable services through integrating our varied areas of expertise, while ultimately in reporting documentable results on behalf of each client.

Massive Franchise Exposure Nurtures Growth!

Due to our past success over the years our FranDigi© clients are clearly positioned to explode their franchise sales from all that massive media coverage and online exposure. However, we have discovered many of our clients need more help to effectively capitalize on all the Publicity and Digital exposure we continue to create for them…and that is in their franchise sales. Our clients often tell us because of all the added exposure, they are now so busy from all the added growth of their company locations they just did not have the time (or money) to promote the sale of franchises. They also tell us the barrage of incoming calls from potential franchisees, tours, and meetings with attorneys; all takes time away from the needs from their showcase business model(s). Or, that their franchise sales director or brokers were not closing enough sales even with that amazing exposure.

We heard you… our key franchise sales and marketing executives have rolled up their sleeves and devoted the past 2+years to develop, refine and bring professional franchise sales services to our program. (And, is made available exclusively to our clients with no added upfront fee or hassle.) This exciting new business model is designed to help our clients take full advantage of all this media coverage to seriously build their franchise sales to explode their franchise. Best of all we only get paid a commission when you approve the franchisees we send to you.

That’s right! We now have an even higher level of expertise on the FranDigi© corporate founding and executive team. This amazing team now boasts over 150 years in franchising. Our services now bring experience and expertise in all facets of franchising covering key areas from, franchise ownership, franchise Public Relations, event promotion, lead generation, digital, and now including successful franchise screening and franchise sales to offer a much more aggressive approach to franchisors really wanting to grow their franchise sales as well. (No more wasting time and money on expensive franchise ads or portals that produce more tire kickers than anything else; no Pay-Per-Click or Google AdWords; our clients enjoy our full franchise sales lead generation and franchise sales services which are now included in our package with no added upfront cost!)

And, most of all, we can and do use that growing exposure to easily build your business clearly by the increasing number of resulting sales we make on your behalf each month.

Fact is - We CAN and DO say it! Because…That is what we do!

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