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Ask us about our Franchise Asset Investment Recovery (FAIR) Team

Our FAIR Team can help you avoid lawsuits, problems and negative PR for good!

FranDigi©  has a highly skilled sales team that specializes ONLY in reselling problematic franchisees on your behalf.

A free service offered only to our FranDigi© clients.

Contact us for details.

Are You Ready To Grow?

We choose our clients carefully

You will need:

  • A Business Model that is easily replicated.
  • A Great Business Concept that is at least profitable.
  • A Good Reputation on the Web.*
  • Current State & Federal Franchise Registration (FDD) documents:

a. A professional Franchise Compliance Package
    (FDD documents, brochure)

b. Online FDD disclosure system documenting FTC compliance*

c. Franchise Operations and Training Manual

  • A Solid Training Program with the ability to train new Franchisees in Groups.
  • A prominent Franchise Section on your website (or exclusive Franchise site) that includes a professional & active Social Media and Blog presence that speaks to your candidates and creates a sense of urgency about your franchise.*
  • A Professional, Franchise Publicity spokesperson for (PR) online and in the news. After all YOU are the star of your franchise…You are the creator and the founder. It is YOU that makes your franchise so appealing. This publicity not only keeps you and your franchise opportunity in the news and on the web in a positive light on a national level, it creates the essential “need to act now before this one really takes off” feeling in your candidates. Also reassures all, existing franchisees on their decision as they see your rapid expansion.*
  • The Ideal Lead Generation & Screening and Franchise Sales System: A responsive lead capture system with immediate access to, or response from, one or more highly skilled and proven franchise sales professionals that prescreen, financially qualify and arrange a call/meeting/tour ONLY with those meeting your Ideal Candidate Profile for you to approve. (Our FranDigi© Franchise sales teams are available 7 days a week.)*

Great Strategies – Real Expertise – Measurable Results
We can help you GROW!

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* No worries…these are key areas where FranDigi© can help. That is what we do! If we accept you as our client, you can count on us to be your long term partner in success. Guaranteed!

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