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Ask us about our Franchise Asset Investment Recovery (FAIR) Team

Our FAIR Team can help you avoid lawsuits, problems and negative PR for good!

FranDigi©  has a highly skilled sales team that specializes ONLY in reselling problematic franchisees on your behalf.

A free service offered only to our FranDigi© clients.

Ready to Grow Your Franchise?

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When you start a new business, the assets you have outside of your business likely exceed those you have in your business. That is because in the early days, your business has little value.

As your company grows, however, it starts to have value and becomes a more significant part of your wealth—especially if you’re pouring your profits back into funding your growth.

Then, there comes a crossroads…a point in time where you need to expand to capture market share and capitalize on that business or that amazing window of opportunity will slowly fade away.

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A simple, more cost-effective system to
grow your franchise . . . MUCH FASTER!

Looking for a way to take your franchise where you have always believed it should be…If you qualify….it can start today.

FranDigi© is the first and only full service Franchise Public Relations firm specifically designed to help franchisors grow. In fact, we assign an entire team of senior talent to support each client to make sure that happens. Yes, we do offer several very affordable programs… at, or below OUR cost. But, no matter how you start with us…we pull out all stops on every campaign to ensure maximized results…

Here is how it all begins

We use traditional publicity, online PR along with Social Media and Blog news stories, custom landing pages, online reviews, rankings and listings, and a little SEO. Then, we get all those wonderful media clips about you and your franchise, coming up all over the internet! We make sure that whenever anyone is searching for a franchise or looking for a franchise in your industry…we want you coming up to the top of the rankings virtually everywhere.

Want to know more…? First, we want to get to know you…The best way to get the best response faster is to fill out the contact us page so we can take a serious look at your program and see if you meet our criteria as well. It’s all designed around one thing… We want to review your information and see if we can we get excited about your concept. Because right now were looking for good franchise concepts we’d love to sell …

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