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Great Example!

Why Is It Important to GROW My Franchise Quickly?

Here is a great example of why it is important to grow your

franchise and capture your dream… and market:

The franchised Jimmy Johns sandwich chain for example, started by a 19 year old college student, began franchising in 2007. Working out of his garage, he did not even have his first location open for business!

Today, just 10 years later, Jimmy Johns already has more than 2,500 franchised locations in 43 states and over $2 billion in sales.

Jimmy John’s has been growing right from the beginning at a rapid clip, opening an average of 200 restaurants in each of the past five years.

The company plans to add more than 1,100 restaurants over the next several years. Because of his rapid franchise expansion and their positioning, Jimmy Johns recently sold a majority stake to Atlanta private-equity firm Roark Capital Group for what is rumored to be in the billions!

So, it is obvious…the highest chances for great success begins to plan and grow the day you enter the franchising arena.

So, ask yourself, where do you want your franchise to be in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years?

What is your number? 12 new franchises a year? 50? 100? Or …? You should know that number because to grab market share there is clearly nothing more important to your success at this point in time than the number of new franchises added each month, each quarter, each year.

Of course, the example here solidifies the need to grow fast if you want to be the next home run in your industry. As you realize, the bottom line is this… the number of new and successful franchisees in your operation is the key factor in the valuation of your franchise business.

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