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Have Questions?

Here you will find the answers to questions about our services.For more information and personal assistance please complete the Contact Us – Request a Proposal form and we will contact you and set up a time to discuss your options.

  • Q. How does your “Guarantee” work?

    A. Please click here to view Our Guarantee

  • Q. How do I know if my franchise qualifies?

    A. Please click Contact Us and also fill out the Request For Information part of the form there.

  • Q. How much do your services cost?

    A. Our fees are extremely affordable considering the vast scope of services provided. Once you submit the Contact Us Request For Information we will first review your franchise website and will call you along with a member of our executive team to answer your preliminary questions. We then determine if your category is available and will discuss your budget and goals and define the services and fees for you in detail.

  • Q. What do your services include?

    A. The scope and services for each client are customized to meet the very specific unique needs, goals and objectives for the client. After completing the steps above, you will receive a formal online Client Services Proposal which will include several options designed specifically to meet your budget with the ideal plan to get your franchise moving forward and growing faster than ever before. Once this document is returned and accepted by FranDigi© you retain total industry specific exclusivity for as long as you remain an active client in our system and we will not even consider another client in your exclusive category. It all begins here.

  • Q. What other charges should I expect or are involved?

    A. You will execute an online FranDigi© Client Proposal and Letter of Agreement that clearly defines the services we have agreed to provide for you and all related terms, conditions and fees. You will find there are never any hidden charges with FranDigi©. The only time there could be other costs would be first clearly defined in the agreement based on the initial project discussion and/or by special written request from you (Such as retaining a Celebrity Spokesperson) or, if you want us to fly in to promote a special grand opening, Convention, Discovery Day, or other event that you request. In any event, even additional requests made by you or upgrades will be defined in writing prior to incurring any such expense.

  • Q. When should I expect to see results?

    A. Contingent upon category availability, within 30-Days from completing your Launch Call and Media Coaching & Training Call you will begin receiving a growing schedule of Television, Radio and online interviews, and, best of all it will continue to grow from there. (The number and scope of interviews and digital exposure points is based on your package and how fast you want to grow your franchise.)

  • Q. I have never done a live TV or Radio talk show interview. How do I know what to say or do?

    A. First - Relax! We understand! That’s why we provide all clients with a free full online media coaching and training course titled Congratulations…you have scheduled interviews! Now What?!” You will find this course to be comprehensive, concise and enlightening. We make sure you are totally prepared, relaxed and confident for that first interview!

  • Q. How can I use PR to help my Franchise Owners?

    Expansion builds confidence, credibility, value, and brand across the board.

    Franchisees are thrilled to see the value of their investment grow when they see their businessinthenewsandalotofnewfranchiseesarecomingonboard. (Investorsespecially like to feel they made a good investment in you also.)

    We often include new area developers, master franchisees and franchisee grand opening event media coverage, orchestrate celebrity participants, and get them off to a great start! (This can be included in your FDD in their start-up costs or as part of your National Advertising budget).

  • Q. How can FranDigi© help with a problem franchisee?

    Nothing can choke a Franchisor’s growth faster than one or more disgruntled franchise owners who seem to focus on the negativity in everything about you and your franchise. It is virtually impossible for the franchisor to resolve these issues because that franchise has already made a negative decision about you. And, as you probably already know one negative franchise owner is a lot like cancer that continues to grow and affect other franchisees.

    Relax! Our Franchise Asset Investment Recovery (FAIR) Team can calm down those franchisees and help you avoid lawsuits, problems and negative PR for good!

    FranDigi© has a highly skilled sales and legal team that specializes ONLY in reselling problematic franchisees on your behalf. A free service offered only to our FranDigi© Clients.

  • Q. Can I increase or reduce my services package?

    A. Yes! The terms are spelled out in your Personal Proposal.

  • Q. Who do I contact with questions or conflicting schedules?

    A. Each Client is assigned a direct contact phone number to your personal media coach at corporate. They are there to take calls, clarify questions, and assist you every step of the way.

  • Q. How do I get started?

    A. Here are the simple steps to get a no obligation proposal and get started:

    1. First, the form along with the Request For Information portion there.
    2. We will first review your franchise website and will call you along with a member of our
      executive team to answer your preliminary questions and make the determination if you and
      your franchise may be a good match for our services.
    3. Based on the outcome of the above call we will determine if your category is available;
      where you are now; and will discuss your budget and goals and define the services and
      fees for what you want or need in detail.
    4. Based on the outcome of the call above and determining that your industry category is
      still available, a formal proposal is prepared by our executive team and
      sent to you for review, further discussion, execution and first months’ payment. (We do
      not require a 6-month retainer.)
    5. Once approved and in our system, you will immediately complete the New Client
      Intake Form
      that sets the stage for tremendous success while eliminating the
      typical back and forth disruptions to your workday.
    6. You now complete the simple online media coaching and training course to prepare to
      become an emerging franchise “Rockstar” and, for an amazing future of publicity and
      online recognition, and franchise sales success.
    7. Your executive team immediately rolls up their sleeves to prepare press releases, media
      packages, emails, pitch sheets; define target markets, compile media contact listings,
      and sets up your personal media event calendar for your approval. This private calendar
      will book out for a full year to coincide with event and editorial calendars which is
      typically booked at least 1-2 years in advance.
    8. At the same time, your digital, social and marketing team are beginning a massive internet
      and web based series of processes and functions to make sure you are soon coming up
      everywhere on the internet creating massive online exposure and credibility.
    9. A welcome call with you and several members of your assigned FranDigi©
      executive team takes place to allow them to ask questions regarding the information
      submitted with the Intake Form, get to know you, your personality, your uniqueness, and
      to further define your overall goals.

    Congratulations! Working together, our goal and commitment is to help you meet or exceed every one of your wildest expectations!

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