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Ask us about our Franchise Asset Investment Recovery (FAIR) Team

Our FAIR Team can help you avoid lawsuits, problems and negative PR for good!

FranDigi©  has a highly skilled sales team that specializes ONLY in reselling problematic franchisees on your behalf.

A free service offered only to our FranDigi© clients.

Contact us for details.

Do You Qualify?

Our Client Screening Process . . .

Each client has unique and very specific franchise expansion goals and objectives. As such, before accepting any client, you will first complete the short, no obligation, Request A Proposal form.

Once you have submitted the above Request A Proposal form, we will review your information and website, ensure your category is available, prepare our questions and schedule a preliminary Executive Call for you to speak privately with our senior level executives. This allows us to privately discuss where you are now and where you want to go. This also allows us to get to know more about you and your franchise and an opportunity for you to openly discuss your growth and financial goals and objectives more in-depth.

On this fact-finding call we also get to know and understand your business, your current status, you and your personality (especially your adaptability for the media) and what you feel could be in the way of exponential growth! Or, determine why you feel you are not where you need to be at this point in time. It all starts from there…

This ensures we first get to know each prospective clients’ goals and objectives and to understand clearly:

  • Where you are now:
  • Where you want to go:
  • How fast you want to get there!

Based on this conversation, we then further evaluate your goals, budget and objectives. This provides the information needed to prepare a formal Written Proposal that we feel will get you where you want to go as seamlessly as possible within the budget parameters discussed. This document will also provide a direct link to your personal Client Services Agreement, includes the terms discussed, also allows you to sign your documents online and submit your first month’s payment. The legal and financial documents you submit go only to our accounting and legal team. Completing this step immediately locks in your exclusivity, pricing and permanently locks in your terms and launches your campaign. (You have now also blocked out all potential clients in your industry specific category permanently until you are no longer a FranDigi© client.) 

You will then be provided immediate access to the Private Client Area and access to our New Client Intake online set-up process. This allows you the opportunity to compile and submit all the information, photos, and documents we need (at your own pace). Different items submitted are directed to the appropriate team members so they can immediately roll-up-their sleeves and get to work on the many diverse aspects of your campaigns. You will speak with publicists, journalists, digital and media executives to determine your target areas, goals and expectations right from the beginning.

Upon compiling the above information an Executive Team Call with your key account managers and team leaders is scheduled. This call typically takes about 1 hour and you are welcome to invite any member of your executive team that may be involved as an alternate spokesperson or in the scheduling process.

At this point…you complete your “working with the media training and a flurry of activity begins non-stop on your behalf and continues thereafter…

It all begins with the Request For a Proposal found here… How to Get Started >

P.S. Please be sure to check this out now…before your competition even finds out about us.

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