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Ask us about our Franchise Asset Investment Recovery (FAIR) Team

Our FAIR Team can help you avoid lawsuits, problems and negative PR for good!

FranDigi©  has a highly skilled sales team that specializes ONLY in reselling problematic franchisees on your behalf.

A free service offered only to our FranDigi© clients.

Contact us for details.

Why FranDigi©. . .

Helping you grow your franchise at a
much faster rate starting today!

A totally new approach based on a proven system . . .

FranDigi© is the first and only full-service franchise PR, digital and marketing firm in the industry combined with guaranteed franchisee sales.

Our publicists, journalists, outreach and digital professionals have connections with the best of the best names in the industry as well as close contacts and relationships with the top business and franchise media.

“ Growth equals Company value. More growth = More value.
And, when you can accomplish that growth faster and at
less cost, then that’s just smart!”

– Warren Buffet 2016

Over decades we have collectively generated major media coverage for franchise clients on virtually all National Network TV, Radio and Online; Bloomberg, CEO NEWS, and virtually all of the National morning TV Talk shows such as, Good Morning America, Fox News; and in print media (print and online) etc. These powerful relationships with virtually all relevant news and media outlets on a national level as well as in local venues allow us to feature our clients nationally or in media tours in specific targeted geographic markets where they want to grow.

Additionally, good press coverage is a form of validation and credibility for existing franchisees and shareholders. Releases, articles and publicity in an “As seen on…” section on your home page immediately enhances your credibility and Franchise Sales conversions while establishing immediate trust with potential franchisees.

Great Strategies – Real Expertise – Measurable Results

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