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Our Team

In today’s technology focused world, franchise PR has evolved into much more of a multi-disciplinary practice that requires expertise in a variety of key areas. Our FranDigi© strategies and services are designed specifically to come together for achieving specific objectives that yield quantitative and qualitative results for each unique FranDigi©client.

FranDigi© is first comprised of PR agency veterans, and entrepreneurial public relations professionals, as well as public relations independents who have developed and proven a better way to conceive, implement, and measure franchise public relations strategies, activities and results for franchisors.

FranDigi’s amazing digital, social, and online franchise marketing professionals have collectively developed a proprietary and highly effective way to create, implement, and measure online franchise public relations strategies. This includes effective digital, social media, BLOG, SEO/GEO, landing pages, franchise media portals and many other marketing activities to create a dramatic increase in online exposure and an elevated stature in the industry.

That’s right, if you qualify for any FranDigi© program you are immediately assigned an amazing and cohesive team of top-tier content professionals. These professionals collectively guarantee a steady generation of highly qualified leads that are converted into a significant increase in pre-qualified new franchise owners submitted for your approval by our seasoned franchise sales professionals to create bottom line growth as well as to meet our guarantee.

The core FranDigi© team alone has more than 150 years combined experience in these dynamic areas of franchising. Our collective extensive and long-term relationships with elite national, regional and local news and media contacts will serve each of our clients well. Additionally, we have worked with and promoted established publicly traded and new start-up franchisors; area and master developers, new franchise owners, as well as celebrity spokespersons for IPO’s, crisis situations and exciting, highly-publicized events for our franchisors.

Our physical geographic footprint is confined to the U.S., with FranDigi© offices in New York and Miami. Internationally, we work with media in Canada, the UK, and Asia. We have affiliate partners in many international markets for those needing assistance in taking your franchise global. We also occasionally access the resources (infrastructure) of a larger, established agency to implement our most aggressive strategies.

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