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Culinary Superstars

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Restaurant Publicity Campaigns – Our Specialty

FranDigi© has established a wealth of experience in working with culinary clientele of all types. Such as: Independent restaurants; National Franchisors and/or local franchisees; Catering Services and Food Warehouses; Celebrity Chefs; Caterers; and more.

This experience and expertise has empowered us to develop a valuable linkage of top food related media contacts in key local, regional and national markets as well as the right media sources to ensure high-impact media results for our culinary clients.

Our FranDigi Culinary Superstars® campaigns feature only a very few select restaurants in diverse industries and an occasional catering venue in each Market. Due to our exclusivity policy FranDigi© will never accept more than one restaurant in any one category into ANY of our campaigns!  After all…there can be only ONE Number ONE restaurant or Chef in the same category in any market.

We value our ongoing relationships with the right food specialty journalists and the role they play in our ability to effectively market our restaurant, food service, chefs and other culinary clients. We are also keenly aware of the increasing role that the online media venues play in effectively promoting restaurants today.

Our expert FranDigi© culinary media team along with your personal media coach skillfully guides our clients in establishing and the implementation of a comprehensive and highly effective multi-media strategy. Our wide-ranging culinary PR always includes a mix of publicity, digital, social, along with many other internet mediums to ensure each client achieves these very specific goals. Additionally the added VIP Celebrity Chef and Culinary Superstar exposure has a significant impact on incoming traffic.

Our Culinary clients include the following types of services:

  • Restaurants, Cafes, Bistros, and other food service entities
  • Multi-Media Publicity Coverage and Press Conferences for Grand Openings, New Celebrity Chef Introductions, Expansion Plans, and more
  • Food Service openings, new product launches, and brand awareness
  • Building Online rankings and reputation repair
  • We often bring tremendous value using massive media and online coverage for confidential Pre-IPO, expansion announcements or the business being offered for sale.

VIP Celebrity Chef

Our VIP Celebrity Chef PR is geared to feature some of today’s best known and most talented culinary, hospitality and wine and spirits professionals among their peers and professional circles on a community and national level. However, our passion is discovering and bringing to the forefront those little-known, yet extremely talented, Chefs across America and quickly bringing them to the Celebrity status they deserve as well.

NOTE: You will soon find many of our emerging Celebrity Chefs appearing all over the Internet in our exciting Culinary Superstars announcements, feature stories and other amazing, yet little used exposure venues.

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