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Business and Community PR!

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Why Business and Community PR?

You’re a smart business person. That’s why you got into business in the first place. We know it is often the lack of capital and cash-flow can keep you from achieving the success you deserve. That is why we decided to embrace the local business community and to make our full publicity, digital and other services not only available to local businesses and independent franchisees but to also:

  1. Limit our clients to only one client in any industry category in any market.
  2. Keep all Community PR/Digital/Social media packages extremely affordable.

If you’re at a point where you’d like to really grow your business in your local market, regionally or across the globe then be sure to follow up at the end of this messag e. Because starting today you can launch a major, much more controllable publicity campaign at less than half what you would pay for a local firm to provide publicity alone!

We’re now launching our amazing campaigns in targeted communities across America. We invite you to take advantage of the major campaign coming up in your community before anyone else there even knows about it.

Since we approve only one client in ANY industry -specific category market…we encourage you to at least check it out because you may be a very good candidate to be that number one business in YOUR category we’d like to promote.

Only ONE Business in your industry-specific category can participate in your entire market… Contact us today….before your competition even finds out about us !

If you’re serious about growing your business and if you meet our criteria, for amazingly low rates we can immediately thrust your business into the digital age! That’s right! If you are approved into our campaign at this early launch phase of this exciting new division, our amazing publicity and digital campaigns will help you experience more growth than you could have ever imagined.

Because you’ll find FranDigi© to be the ideal strategic partner to get your business growing as quickly as possible take your business where you’ve always known it should and enjoy the growth your business deserves. We’d love to help you enjoy a less stressful and more profitable business as well.

Please submit the Request A Proposal form on this website so we can contact you to discuss your options. Then, after reviewing this information you can decide for yourself if FranDigi© might be an ideal situation you. One thing for sure, in business you never want to miss a growth opportunity…because that window to go from a good business to a great business sure does not stay open long!


If you feel your business may be a good candidate for the exclusive multi-media campaign and to be a featured and exclusive FranDigi© client in your local market please complete the Contact Us page to request a no obligation proposal today!

Contact Us. Before Your Competition Even Finds Out About This Campaign!

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